[xml] building libxml apps with Make and GCC?

Hi I am trying to build one of the sample apps (xmlwriter) from your www site ...

There is no Makefile example I can see to build your examples.

I have managed to build things ... however I am curious if there is recommended best practices for creating your make file.

I know for build gtkglext applications you can do something like below in your make file:

COMPILEFLAGS=-Wall -g $(INCLUDE) `pkg-config --cflags gtkglext-1.0`
LINKFLAGS=-Wall -g $(INCLUDE) `pkg-config --cflags --libs gtkglext-1.0`

Is there a similar strategy I can use for libxml?

Currently I am just hand coding the -I's in my makefile ...


ps my appoligies to the moderators ... i just realized i posted this early to the group with the wrong email address ...

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