Re: [xml] Installation of XML::LibXML and libxml2 (windows)

On 28.05.2005 13:12, Simon Liedtke wrote:


I am trying to install XML::LibXML (Perl) which requires libxml.
Never thought it could be that difficult to install...
I've downloaded and copied the dll's of libxml2, iconv and zlib
to the directory C:/Windows/System which is a directory of my PATH-var...
Could somebody explain me, why the compilation of the XML::LibXML package
doesn't work??

Because it cannot find libxml2. What you did and called it installation is sufficient to run xmllint, xsltproc and perhaps other things which are allready compiled.

To compile something you need the headers and libraries put on your compiler's search path and that is very different to the content of the PATH environment variable.


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