[xml] Parsing an in-memory DTD?

Hi everybody,

I'm writing a program that uses an xml file format for inputs. To validate the input, I'd like to use DTDs. Thus, I can warn the user if the used input does not validate the file format, and can afterwards be sure that the tree I parsed contains all needed elements. As the file format shouldn't change, I thought it's best to integrate the DTD in the executable, so that I don't have to rely on an external file containing the DTD.

To integrate the DTD, I planned to use a static member of the responsible class. This member should contain the DTD as a string.

There comes my question: Is there any way to parse a DTD from an in-memory string?

I have found the xmlParseMemory function, but as this return a xmlDocPtr, it doesn't look suitable.

Having read the following thread, I don't have much hope, but like to ask you all anyway:

Thanks a lot in advance,

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