[xml] Encoding - from what to UTF8 ??

Hi folks,

I'm currently building xmltrees with libxml2 from text files using differents encodings.

In fact, the main part is latin-1 to UTF8, and I know libxml2 provides a function to convert a source text from latin-1 to UTF8.

Yet I also use many others source files encoded with many differents encodings :

iso-8859-X ( where X = 1, 2, 5, 6, 14, 15 )
cpXXXX ( can't remember the exact name, but it corresponds to Russian ).

So, my question is "does libxml2 provide functions to convert a source text from one of these languages to UTF8, or there is a simple way to do that ?"

Thanks for not asking why I use all of thoses, I have to because of a customer constraint.

 Any feedback would be appreciated,

 Best regards,

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