[xml] wrong XPath node

Hello Sir,
I'm using LibXml free source.

 Below is my XPath file...

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<XPath xmlns:bar="http://example.org/bar" xmlns:baz="http://example.org/baz" xmlns:foo="http://example.org/foo" xml:lang="en-ie">

(//. | //@* | //namespace::*)


<!-- only namespace nodes -->

ancestor-or-self::bar:Something and

(count(parent::node()/namespace::*) =

count(parent::node()/namespace::* | self::node()))



Basically My doubt is in LibXml the below directory is my XPath directory D:\libxml2-2.6.0beta6.tar\libxml2-2.6.0beta6\test\c14n\exc-without-comments\merlin-c14n-two-24.Xpath.While I'm going to test canonicalise the XML file. The result I'm getting blank file. But the corresponding D:\libxml2-2.6.0beta6.tar\libxml2-2.6.0beta6\result\c14n\exc-without-comments\ merlin-c14n-two-24  file shows all Namespace present in the XML file.

I debugged it but the problem here is that I'm not getting the Node. I'm only getting the namespace concerned with the node. Please Help me why is it So.

Any suggestion is most welcome.




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