Re: [xml] Will xmllint use schematron?

On Wed, May 11, 2005 at 04:08:15PM +1000, John Hockaday ga gov au wrote:

I have noticed that schematron is not mentioned the man pages for xmllint.
From this I expect that xmllint doesn't handle schematron.


If this is the
case is there any plan to add schematron capabilities to xmllint and if so
when will that happen?

  It happens when someone feels the urge to implement the support for
it, provide the code, and maintain it. So far I have no such urge myself
it's the first time I get such a request, and we already have support for
3 validation languages DTD, Relax-NG and Schemas (that Kasiemir is working
hard to try to finish). The fact that I don't feel like doing it should
not prevent people from attempting to add it, the code must just follow
existing libxml2 Licence and coding practices. One thing to point out is
that people already consider libxml2 "bloated" so one would need some
justification to be provided if the implementation code is large.
  I read quickly. I didn't understand it.
It seems it would require XSLT and EXSLT so it would not be implementable
at the libxml2 level since XSLT and EXSLT are provided in libraries separate
from libxml2. It seems "when" is then never as far as I can tell. But
that could be implemented as a separate tool on top of libxml2/libxslt/libexslt.


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