[xml] \n or \r missing when adding text-content

Hi list,

I'm currently working on an xml C program and I choosed to use libxml2. Everything went good till I encounter a little problem.
In fact, I have the following tree, for example :

/<?xml version="1.0"?>
   <Production Annee="1992" Type="964">
     <Version Modele="Carrera RS" Puissance="260"/>
     <Version Modele="Turbo 3.6" Puissance="360"/>
   <Production Annee="1995" Type="993">
     <Version Modele="Turbo" Puissance="408">
       <Evolution Modele="GT2" Puissance="450"/>

I dump it by 2 differents ways, 2 distinct libxml2 base functions. But I tried to add some text to a node, like that :

/  <Version Modele="Turbo 3.6" Puissance="360">
   Bad boys version

/I used xmlNewText and also xmlNodeAddContent, but still the same problem :

/<?xml version="1.0"?>
 <PORSCHE>Exemple de texte
<Production Annee="1992" Type="964"><Version Modele="Carrera RS" Puissance="260"/><Version Modele="Turbo 3.6" Puissance="360"/></Production><Production Annee="1995" Type="993"><Version Modele="Turbo" Puissance="408"><Evolution Modele="GT2" Puissance="450"/></Version></Production></PORSCHE>

All the \n or the \n seem to be missing. How can I add some content and keep the first form ? Almost each node in the project I'm currently working on need text content.

Thanks a lot,

Best regards,

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