[xml] xmlFree() segmentation fault with dinamic library

i'm getting a bad bad segfault on linux AND windows when calling the
xmlFree() routine to free a xmlChar pointer returned by xmlGetProp().

i'm using libxml2 as a dinamic library on both linux an win32 and there is
no other reason for the program to segfault.

i tried an example program which only loads a doc, calls xmlGetProp and
frees the pointer it returns but, again, it segfaults!

using xmlMemSetup or xmlInitParser before doing any parsing was of no help.

HELP MEEEE!!! i'm getting crazy here! i can't understand why it segfaults!!
i know there may be problems when using libxml as a DLL on win32, but i have
the same problem on unix!!

thanx a lot guys!!

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