Re: [xml] Questions about xml:id

On Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 08:17:23AM -0500, Rob Richards wrote:
Daniel Veillard wrote:

need to be extremely cautious about that part of the code because it
affects streaming DTD validation for ID/REF(S) checks, even when the node
have been removed. 
But in general the code need fixing for correct ID/xml:id support when
mutating trees. Not sure I will have time looking at it now, but if you're
interested I would take patches of course !

From what I can discern, SAX wouldn't have an issue as it is either 
building the tree or just passing name/values. Would there ever be a 
case where you could have the doc->ids built with no tree? This seem 

  xmlreader, when I said streaming I wasn't thinking of SAX.

like the only way you could end up with an attribute with no element. As 
far as the reader goes, it has its own FreeProp function so it should 
never call xmlFreeProp. In the event you grab an expanded node, can the 

  right but one need to double check there.

xmlFreeNode functions be used or is it mantatory to use the reader free 
node functions?

  if you modify a subtree grabbed from the reader you're very likely in
anyway to crash the parser or library, people should not do this !

As far as trying to fix this area, see attached file for an idea of what 
I think is a more appropriate direction for this. I believe xmlIsID is 

  using atype might work, yes. I see the idea but the patch looks far from
complete as is (I suppose it's expected).

used incorrectly when mutating trees when trying to determine if an 
existing attribute is an id or not. xmlIsID/xmlIsRef should really only 
be used when determining whether an attribute should be created as an ID 
or IDRef, but not for testing whether an attribute is really an ID or IDRef.

  but what if people already used that function for that purpose in their code ? 
Last question on this, as I couldn't find an answer for this anywhere, 
is when an attribute which is an ID is unlinked from an element, though 
still is associated to a document, is the attribute still an ID or does 
it revert to a normal attribute at that point?

  I can't answer either, the safest would be to revert it. From a DTD
perspective it's the (elem name, att name, document) which defines if
it is of type ID, but with xml:id it's just the name which defines it.
So the rule will have to be adapted depending on this.


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