Re: [xml] xml schema validation


Christian HAESSIG wrote:
Hi Kasimier,

I have a question concerning the XML schema validation ; Daniel thinks you
can help me.

I have a xml file like this :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<patient xmlns:xi="";
                <xi:include href="1.1.xml"></xi:include>

and I'm trying to validate this xml file using its schema file xinclude.xsd.
The question is : can I, using libxml2, get a  xmlSchemaValidCtxtPtr from
the xml file directly ( so, is libxml2 able to extract the schema file from
a xml file and build a xmlSchemaValidCtxtPtr object ? )
I was already thinking of parsing the xml file until I fall on the right
attribute, extract the schema file, and build the xmlSchemaValidCtxtPtr
object, but perhaps you have a better solution ?


The example for instance driven assembling of schemata can be found in:



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