Re: [xml] xmlReadMemory limitation

On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 11:12:30AM +0100, Espen Ekeroth wrote:
64          doc = xmlReadMemory(a_node->content, sizeof(a_node-
content), "noname.xml", NULL, 0);

The reason for this error is that xmlReadMemory only sees 4 bytes as the 
size due to the return value from sizeof(a_node->content)

   what about reading my mail ;-) ? 

:   doc = xmlReadMemory(a_node->content, strlen(a_node->content),
:                       "noname.xml", NULL, 0);

obviously sizeof of a pointer is 4 on an i386 architecture. I asked to
use strlen(), which walks the memory pointed until it find the 0 byte
indicating the end and returns the length. It really is basic C knowledge.


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