Re: [xml] Memory not going away.. SOLUTION

On Tue, Mar 08, 2005 at 05:43:22PM -0500, David W. Bauer Jr. wrote:
Ok, I have provided the simplest of examples, and cannot account for why
this is so either, but that doesn't change the fact that it is so.

  I can prove libxml2 actually free the memory. Use
    xmllint --repeat --noout network.xml

it will parse the tree, free it with xmlFreeDoc and repeat the
two operations in a loop 100 times. If it does not call() free
accordingly then your system will swap and the xmllint process will
dies due to the out of memory kernel killer.

  Anyway loading a 300MB instance in memory to then build your own
structures reslly does not make sense, use the reader for this really.

I am basically using libxml2 as a club to solve my problem, and I realize
that I should be using the reader.. but this is not a high priority area
of my project and so I have been satisfied with this approach for the last
couple of years.  One problem is that I am primarily using XPath, and do
not understand how to combine the reader with XPath efficiently.  My XPath
searches cover the entire file(s).

I chose to do something else (still using libxml2, but not representing
all the data in XML format). I just wanted to say that I appreciate your
help and I will be revisiting (fixing) this in my code in May.

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