Re: [xml] Working on standalone regression testing

Hi Daniel,

  I didn't posted about it so far, but I'm working on building a
standalone C application (runtest.c) which does the equivalent of most
of the "make tests" regression tests by calling directly the libxml2
C API. This should help asserting libxml2 QA on non-Unix platforms,
for existing installations, and build regression testing infrastructures.

two notes for that. Do you know the check project [3]. I use this unit-test suite in my projects. One good thing is the sandbox. That is it runs tests in a sandbox (fork) and if one test crashes, the other tests continue to run. The second is more a recommendation. On the recent GUADEC I demonstrated how to run gcov+lcov [3] together with unit-tests [1]. This gives you a pretty html report [2] about how much of the actual code is covered by the tests.


[1] our presentation about unit testing:
[2] a sample coverage report
[3] the check unit testing framework
[4] the lcov report generator

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