Re: [xml] does libxml2 really needs and

On Thu, Jun 09, 2005 at 08:49:13AM +0200, fred wrote:
i have to install libxml2 in our embedded system. I've read, that libxml2 
doesn't need any other library (sorry, i can't find any more where i read 
I had to install and to make my program run, is it 
The only change i made, in my makefile, was the command to link libxml2!

  if you run ./configure you will see a variety of options. If you're doing
embedded work you can very seriously trim down the size of the library using
them. The dependancy to libdl is needed for dynamic modules support, which
can be turned off by configuring with --without-modules option. Concerning
linking, you should use xml2-config --libs to get the dependancies based
on the options compiled locally.


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