[xml] Problems with xmlDocDump

Hi everyone,

I have a program that parses a long xml datafile in chunks ("computing 
units") in order to avoid huge DOM tree. The program parses one computing 
unit at a time into a DOM tree, does a lot of calculations with the data in 
the unit, attaches a set of new nodes as children of that computing unit 
and then it should dump the resulting modified computing unit into a file.

The problem is that when I try to dump the contents of the computing unit 
into a file with xmlDocDump, the program crashes with some "Unhandled 
exception (libxml2.dll) 0xC000005: Access Violation."

I have the DOM tree in an xmlNode and I cast the xmlNode into xmlDoc in the 
xmlDocDump call. Is that legal or should I have the computing unit stored 
in an xmlDoc?


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