Re: [xml] Error report with RelaxNG

On Fri, Jan 28, 2005 at 01:24:07PM +0100, Marc Poinot wrote:

Hi, I'm using RelaxNG python binding with 2.6.17,
many errors are quite understandable (I mean for
human being), but now I've got an empty result
on the following error:

I've got an enumerate, the actual value in the XML
file has a typo on one of the enumerates. However, the
lastError function returns None, as if there was no
information about this enumerate error (again, many other
errors are correctly reported).
The returned error code is None for a level of "severe".

The Python code of the error function (set with reagisterErrorHandler):
Any idea ?

  Not really. Can you provide the smallest XML files for the
RNG and the XML showing the problem, then we can debug what's actually



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