Re: [xml] XSD validation example needed


Samuel Díaz García wrote:
Well, I found the testschema.c file, thanks, but ...
... if my ROOT element has an schema asigned using this directive into the XML file? <MYROOT xmlns:xsi=""; xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="<xsd-uri>">
How can I validate it?
Taking the attrib value first, downloading and validate?

Have a look at [1].

1) I have a downloaded XML with an external reference to a XSD schema and I need to know if the XML is valid or not. 2) Another case could be to have the XSD file in local to perform the validation against it.

If you know what XML Schemata are in use you could use XML catalogs to
avoid Libxml2 grabbing them from the net.

I need to know what API functions and in what order use them in the two exposed cases. Thanks for your help & sorry for my english.

  API Doc
  C Code example
  testSchemas.c in the source distribution




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