[xml] wxXml2 wrappers

Hi all,
   I would like to inform all libxml2 users that I've developed a free
(under wxWidgets license) set of c++ wrappers for libxml2.
They are perfectly integrated with wxWidgets thus providing an
easy way to use c++, libxml2 & wxWidgets to create cross-platform
(both wxwidgets and libxml2 are widely used on various platforms)
programs with XML parsing, load/save/edit capabilities.

This component is hosted at wxCode (a project hosted by SourceForge.net);
I report here the basic infos:

wxXml2 component info

Component:  wxxml2
Release:    2005-1-4
Documents:  http://wxcode.sourceforge.net/components/wxxml2/index.html
wxWidgets:  2.4.x, 2.5.x
Maintainer: Francesco Montorsi (frm)
Subdir:     wxxml2

A simple set of classes, wxXml2Namespace, wxXml2Property, wxXml2Node,
wxXml2DTD and wxXml2Document, that interfaces wxWidgets with libxml2.
With this component you can add load/save/edit XML support to your
wxWidgets application using all the power of a well-known library like libxml2.
The full support for DTDs allows you to easily check your XML documents &
thus to produce well-formed XML files.
Unicode is completely supported as well.

By now, these classes wrap only the most important libxml2 features but
they are perfectly integrated with wxWidgets and easily extensible since they
provide good commented code & doxygen docs.

The download link is:

Hope this component will be useful.
Any feedback is appreciated,
Francesco Montorsi

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