Svar: [xml] SOAP within SOAP

Nevermind. Sleeping sometimes helps a lot ;-) A discovered xmlNewTextChild. It does what I want!


Erik F. Andersen<ea ascott dk> 04.01.2005 17:00:33 >>>
I'm faced with this rather perculiar problem. I have a SOAP request that
passes as an argument another SOAP request that amongst other things
contains another XML tree as an argument (SOAP within SOAP). I'm having
problems formatting the different control-characters in the innermost
My tree would look something like this where each sub-tree is a value:
level 1 (soapdata)
level 2 (soaprequest)
level 3 (xmldocument>
What I want is a file that looks like this:
But what I get is something like this:
I build the XML document at each level in code and my only problem is
how to force the extra "&amp;" on all nodes in the innermost XML. I
currently use xmlNodeDump to get the value at each level. 
Thanks for your help
Erik F. Andersen

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