Re: [xml] xmlParseFile;encode - newbie question

 Yes but you MUST fix the problem on input. Especially for this kind
of stupid, obvious brokeness. I'm horribly serious about this, and
there is no garantee I will keep that mode available except for a couple
of API calls purely dedicated to recovery in the future.
 You are warned, I already stated the input must be fixed, and you
must not rely on libxml2 to work around XML well-formedness errors,
if I see this being abused I will just drop the support, I hope this
is cristal clear.


Fair enough. I don't expect anyone to change anything or go against the XML standard if you may. I just wanted to know if there were already a function or something that can "fix" the input if there were some error.
Now I know it doesn't exist and must find my own way to fix it.

The XML input gets generated from an external source, so I can do nothing about how the XML are generated.
I receive it and must handle the XML UNwell-formedness myself.

I will make sure the XML I generate is well-formed.

Thanks for all the help/info


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