Re: [xml] Redirecting error output with python bindings

On Tuesday 01 February 2005 04:15, Frans Englich wrote:

I have trouble redirecting the error output from libxml2, via the Python

I tried the[1] example, but it does what I expect it to _not_
do: it prints to standard out. After testing a bit, it looks like the
noerr() is never called.

What I want to achieve is to retrieve the error as a string. What am I
doing wrong? is the noerr function called in the example? What is the
proper way to do what I want to?

I've attached two files: and invalid.xml, as per the example on When I run it, I get an error message to standard out, which I 
do not expect. Do you get the same result, and do I have the right 
expectation? This is with Python 2.4 and libxml2 2.6.16 Any documentation 
which could get me on the right track in this matter?



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