[xml] Flushing writers doesn't work...?


I've been using xmlTextWriters as an abstraction in an internal
event-based system in my app -- but it seems they don't sync properly
when flushed. Maybe I'm expecting too much functionality from
xmlTextWriterFlush()? I've used both writers from
xmlNewTextWriterFilename() and xmlNewTextWriterTree(), and neither
type is synced on calls to flush -- I have to destroy the writer with
xmlFreeTextWriter() to get the events into the file or tree,
respectively. That's not very practical... Especially when I'm
building trees incrementally -- then I have to keep track of the node
where I want to continue when instantiating a new writer, and so on...

Is there another way of doing this? Is this a bug/known problem?
Should I write my own writers/tree builders to get this functionality?


- Magnus

Magnus Lie Hetland       Fallen flower I see / Returning to its branch
http://hetland.org       Ah! a butterfly.           [Arakida Moritake]

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