Re: [xml] Undefined character entities and libxml

I have things working now.

The help/man for --loaddtd wasn't enough for me to figure out what it did.
        --loaddtd : fetch external DTD

Second the ruby wrapper for loaddtd was broken,  
XML::Parser::default_load_external_dtd. I've sent a patch to the
maintainer. This was was was causing me a lot of problems, I set the
option but it was not getting set because of the breakage in the C

Needing to install the DTD and use --loaddtd to fix the undefined
entity error was not obvious. It might make a good entry for your
libxml FAQ.  google didn't turn up a ready answer either.

The xhtml 1.1 DTD is huge, fifty files. Is there some way to set
things up so that libxml can use a small DTD which only contains the
external subset in non-validating mode and then use the full one for
validating? I'd rather not parse 10,000 lines of DTD just to read a 20
line xhtml file.

Jon Smirl
jonsmirl gmail com

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