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On Wednesday 14 of December 2005 13:23, tbrowder wrote:
There is a perl module, XML::LibXML, that is supposed to be a
wrapper around libxml2 but it hasn't been changed since Nov 2004.
 Is this an "official" wrapper (i.e., has there been any
recognition or cooperation between its developers and those of
libxml2 as is apparently the case with Python)?

If so, I haven't found any links to it on the xmlsoft site (or
any other perl bindings link).

I would like to have the advantages of the new streaming tree
reader in libxml2 and haven't so far found any suitable perl
module.  I will roll my own if I have to, but pointers to
existing code would be helpful.

Tom Browder
Niceville, Florida


the development of XML::LibXML is separate from libxml2. And 
although it has indeed slowed down quite a bit in the past few 
years, it is still functional, widely used, and works perfectly 
with all recent libxml2 releases.

Also, I believe perl-xml listserv activestate com is a better forum 
for discussing XML::LibXML bindings.

As for the reader interface, feel free to roll your own (preferably 
as an extension to the existing XML::LibXML bindings). AFAIK there 
were no attempts to add reader support so far. I guess you should 
first try to contact Christian Glahn, the main maintainer, as he 
has made some not-yet-released cleanup and simplifications in the 
internals of XML::LibXML parser interface that might help a bit. 

I once considered attempting to add the reader support to 
XML::LibXML myself. AFAIR, the main challenge was preserving the 
current memory model of XML::LibXML bindings (reference counting, 
etc.) that users of XML::LibXML are used to.

-- Petr

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