[xml] libxml2-2.6.22 test suite

I have been validating packages for the Beyond Linux From Scratch
project and have run into a problem with the libxml2 test suite.

When building with:

./configure --prefix=/usr --with-history &&

the process completes without error.  However, when I run `make check`
the process runs until the section:

## Catalog regression tests

at this point, the command lt-xmlcatalog runs without stopping.  At
least I let it run for an hour on a 3GHz x86 system.  I have tried this
using gcc3 as well as gcc4 with similar results.

Upon further analysis of the Makefile, the process is hanging for me
when doing ./test/catalogs/whitex.script.  If I rename this script so it
does not run, the test suite finishes with what appears to me as some
minor errors listed below.

Any insight into these issues, especially the hang, will be appreciated.

  -- Bruce

whites result
4c4 < > test/catalogs/dbgenent.mod --- > > No entry for PUBLIC
-//Davenport//ENTITIESDocBook Additional General Entities V3.0//EN

## XML Schemas datatypes Python based test suite
## It is normal to see 10 errors reported
found 1035 test instances: 1024 success 11 failures

Rebuilding script (NIST) nist-test.py
./Tests/Metadata/NISTXMLSchemaDatatypes.testSet:5: parser warning :
xmlns: URI TestSuite is not absolute
Rebuilding script (Microsoft) ms-test.py
./Tests/Metadata/MSXMLSchema1-0-20020116.testSet:2: parser warning :
xmlns: URI TestSuite is not absolute
<testSet contributor="Microsoft" name="MS2002-01-16" xmlns="TestSuite"
Rebuilding script (Sun) sun-test.py
./Tests/Metadata/SunXMLSchema1-0-20020116.testSet:2: parser warning :
xmlns: URI TestSuite is not absolute
<testSet contributor="Sun" name="Sun2002-01-16" xmlns="TestSuite"
## Running Schema tests (Sun)
Ran 193 of 193 tests (40 schemata): 38 failed ( 9 unimplemented 14
skip-invalid-schema )
## Running Schema tests (Microsoft)
Ran 7230 of 7230 tests (4686 schemata): 558 failed ( 50 unimplemented 46
skip-invalid-schema )

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