Re: [xml] XHTML Doc serialization and meta element

Daniel Veillard wrote:

 You keep an handle to the meta element while it was already inserted in
the tree ?

 Another way would be to make libxml2 not touch anything if it detects
any http-equiv meta tag, and if it doesn't detect one try to put the
tag serialization in the output buffer, but not in the tree itself.
This would requires some tweaking of the serialization code but should
not be too hard. This would be more satisfactory from an API POV since
serialization would not modify the input tree, and would not disturb
headers if the application is already taking care of it, while still
adding the meta if the application is ignorant about it.
 What do you think ?
That would also work. Had just thought of a few other ways to handle this as well depending upon what changes should be made.
1. Add to tree if non existing otherwise do nothing.
2. Same as 1 but if existing add any missing attributes and only change attribute values (if they should even be changed) so element and atts are re-used and not free'd (If existing att values changed then no possible breaking for existing apps) 3. Only for serializing - not sure why some of the output functions do not handle the meta, but doing this would now make them all handle it. Don't know if this is good or bad actually. For instance within the HTML serialization code only htmlSaveFileFormat mods the tree while the other functions done touch meta tag. Also this will change behavior if any apps are coded (for some strange reason) expecting this element to have been created for them in the tree. This would be ideal, but dont know about the final impact on other exisintg apps.


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