[xml] encoding question


My problem definition is as follows:

I am posting an XML file (UTF-8 encoded) to a
cgi-script. This script, on reciving the request,
parses the xml document. An element tag in this file
contains some hex numbers.


I extracted these hex numbers using the function
xmlListNodeGetString(). The problem starts from here.
The hex numbers that i get are not similar to the hex
numbers i had send. I tried to print these numbers
for(i=0; i<stringlength; i++)
but when i use the above code at the client side i am
getting the right answer. When i print them using
at the server side i get the right numbers. 

It would be great help if anyone of you could sove
this problem.
Sorry if the question is a dumb one.

Taha Arif Ali,

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