Re: [xml] XML:: LibXml not recognising windows style paths in external entity references.


1) Generally, perl-bindings for libxml2 are discussed on 
perl-xml listserv activestate com as well as other XML modules.

2) in this case, I believe libxml2 is right (..\..\..\ref_file.xml isn't a 
valid URI) and with XML::DOM you're just being lucky. Fix your XML data.

-- Petr

Dne Saturday 13 August 2005 12:18 Arun S K (RBIN/EDM3) * napsal(a):

I am parsing xml files using XML::LibXML with the perl installation
under windows. I installed LibXML using ppm with packages from the

For xml files that have external (parsed) entity references in the
following form,

<!ENTITY entity_name SYSTEM "..\..\..\ref_file.xml">  ### Note the
windows style path...

LibXML parser aborts saying
parser error : Invalid URI: ..\..\..\ref_file.xml  <!ENTITY entity_name
SYSTEM "..\..\..\ref_file.xml">

But XML::DOM can parse the same file with out any problems. Could any
body help???

Note: The problem does not exist with LibXML if the path style is
changed to "../../../ref_file.xml"


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