[xml] xmlXPathRegisterNs() is crashing

Dear Sir,
I'm getting crashing in xmlXPathRegisterNs() while going to Register same namespace prefix and different Namespace-Uri for the different node.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<n0:local xmlns:n0="foo://bar" xmlns:n3="ftp://example.org">

<n1:elem2 xmlns:n1="http://example.net" xmlns:n3="ftp://example11.org" xml:lang="en">

<n3:stuff xmlns:n3="ftp://example.org"/>

<a:Test xmlns:a="ftp://example1111.org"/>



Above bolded line is both are same Prefix and having different namespace-Uri. I don't know why it is happening?.  Can you say me why it is happening?.

Thanks and Regards


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