Re: [xml] How to detect at run-time whether libxml2 was compiled with enabled mutlithreading support?

Daniel Veillard wrote:

On Wed, Aug 03, 2005 at 08:01:44PM +0300, Andrew W. Nosenko wrote:
Sometimes, the FreeBSD ports are looks very strange indeed... :-(
But "vanilla" libxml2 port from the FreeBSD-5.4 compiled w/o threads
support by default.

 Hum, annoying ! We must know why, this could make PHP5 XML support
unstable for example (I assume PHP5 has thread support !)
And for detecting "at runtime" that means from a binary linking to the
shared lib, it's really unclear unless you have introspection capability
e.g. if the shared library has an __xmlMalloc() entry point or not.
Searched on that and there is a note that is messes up other ports, PHP included (my guess is it was based on running an older version of PHP 4 with domxml prior to a lot of the domxml bug fixes - that and possibly an older libxml2 lib). Never tried a threaded PHP build against a non threaded libxml2 build since early 2.5.x days so can't exactly say how stable it would be, though we tried our hardest to prevent issues cropping up when running threaded vs non-threaded in the XML stuff. PHP usually only compiled threaded under windows or when running under Apache 2 with worker mpm.


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