Re: [xml] xpath/xslt memory leak

William M. Brack said:
Pawel Palucha said:
I think I've found a nice memory leak. I'm using xslt to reproduce it, but I
think that bug is in xpath module, so I send it here.

I'll respond further after I've had a chance to find / fix the problem (of
course, if someone else wants to do some debugging within xpath.c before I can
get back to it, they're certainly welcome to do so :-).  Thanks for the

OK, I finally was able to get back to this.  I went through xpath.c and found
several places where error conditions could result in memory leaks.  I fixed
all that I found, including the specific one which caused your problem (but I
certainly wouldn't claim that there aren't any others :-).  Fixed code
(xpath.c) is in CVS.  Please let me know if you find any more.



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