RE: [xml] Anyone else having issues compiling?

On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 23:29, Timothy H. Schilbach wrote:

  I exclude Trio from the configure.js (turned it to false) and when I
run namke, I get the same errors as below. I went into the Includes
directory and looked at the win32config.h file and I ddi not even see
any refernces to trio (like I did in the 2.6.14 version). Where is
this macro at if its not there? Interresting no?

The macro is defined in config.msvc, and this is the file that you
have to look at first (as mentioned in my earlier reply).

Furthermore, include/libxml/xmlversion.h may also define the macro
under certain conditions. We need to examine that it does not do so
by mistake. I outlined the procedure for this in my previous reply
(I seldomly compile on Windows, so I cannot give you the exact
procedure). I would also like to point out that looking at this file
is not enough -- you have to look at the file after it has been
pre-processed by the compiler.

PS: You may get better feedback from us, if you try the suggestions
we make.

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