RE: [xml] SCO UnixWare 7.1.1 and libxml2 problems...


   First off I thank you for your interest...  

   Detail is something I can give you as much as you want ;-)  
I've attached a few output files.  The configure.gfm/ 
are modified files I used to get the Makefile to use 
-lthread vs. -lpthread. I'm not too familiar w/ the proper way to 
go about this - this is simply my hack.

   Someone with more knowledge of SCO will have to vouch for the 
correctness of library choice, but on my system libpthread
doesn't exist and libthread does and seems to contain the pthread entry
points.  I realize too I'm running an "obsolete" version of SCO, but
it's what I have and I have a need for this older rev. 

   Next I've included make.out and make-tests.out just so you can see 
them in their entirety...  I started down the path of looking at some
of the core's in gdb, but stopped thinking someone more in the "know"
may have seen similar results, not sure about this, maybe I just made
a "stupid" mistake along the way...

   Again any help is greatly appreciated.  



P.S. Not sure on proper etiquette here for sending you info.  I included the
     files in a compressed tarball.  Let me know if this presents a problem.

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Greg Morgan said:

  I'm looking for any help on how to build a multi-threaded libxml2
on SCO UnixWare 7.1.1.  The OS has the maintenance pk4 
loaded(which appears
to be the latest).  I had to doctor the configure/ to
use the "-lthread" vs. "-lpthread" on SCO otherwise it 
doesn't end up
enabling thread support since an actual -lpthread doesn't seem to
exist on the box.  I'm not sure why SCO does it this way, but I'm
sure there is a reason...

If that turns out to be a correct/needed fix we can certainly 
enhance the
configure script to do that automatically.  But first let's 
try to address the
remaining problems.

   The building of libxml2 seems to go fine, however doing 
a "make tests"
seems to result ~250-400 core files.  Clearly something is wrong.
Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated. TIA.


Fairly obviously, there is not enough information here for 
anyone to be able
to pursue the matter.  Were there any compilation errors?  
Did the "make"
complete successfully?  "make tests" primarily runs the 
newly-compiled program
xmllint with various flags and files; the output from the 
"make" should show
those invocations.  If "core" files are being produced, there 
must be some
further information indicating what's going wrong.

If everything seems to go wrong, try running the 
newly-compiled xmllint with a
trivial xml file and see what happens, e.g.

bill $ cat test.xml
bill $ ./xmllint test.xml
<?xml version="1.0"?>
bill $

then report back the results and someone should be able to 
help further.



Greg Morgan
gmorgan performanceit com
xml mailing list, project page
xml gnome org

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