[xml] xmlNanoHTTP question

Hello, (I think the first mail I sent was blocked. If not please discard this one)

I'm experimenting a bit with libxml2 (v2.6.10). I have no problem with compilation, and it seems to be working almost perfectly :) Still, there is a thing about xmlNanoHTTP implementation which is puzzeling me. I'm aware it's just an HTTP 1.0 implementation (incomplete, as stated) but this could be enough for my use. - For testing purpose I made a small client which I'm using to maintain a simple XML exchange between 2 applications. It uses just some of the basic libraries (parser, xmlwriter, tree, etc.) - I'm trying to use POST in xmlNanoHTTPMethod() to attach my XML request. The problem is that the request is always SPLIT in 2 messages. First one contains just the HTTP headers (finishing with Content-Length). The actual XML data is then sent in the following message. XML document is quite small (some 300 bytes) so I'm struggling to find a logical explanation. - Also, I'm not able to achieve a persitent connection. Adding Keep-Alive header doesn't help. Nevertheless, in this case I pressume the problem relies on the server side...

If anyone could give me a hint it would be greatly appreciated.


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