Re: [xml] Possible bug with iconv-less UTF8 to ISO-8859-15 conversion

Peter Jacobi said:
Hi Daniel,

it seems you're confirming the bug, if this is the case can you provide a
small patch so there is no doubt what need to be changed and how. If not
Mark should open a bug report so that we can double check what is going on,

Mark has 99.98% convinced me, that there is stupid bug in the code, I'll do
my own tests on the weekend.

I'm not sure if adding my 2 cents will help to bring that up to 100% (apples and
oranges?),but I took a look into the code and agree with Mark's original post.
the translation of the euro (Unicode U+20AC) fails because of the two lines
down", since that is a 3-byte UTF8 sequence (E2 82 AC).  With those corrections,
it all seems to work OK (euro translates correctly "both directions").

Peter Jacobi


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