Re: [xml] build problem with libxslt-1.1.9 on mingw/win32

Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
On 30/08/04 15:48, Stefan Kost wrote:

I don't get this working. It does not use the installed libxml2.

../libxslt-1.1.9/win32> cscript configure.js crypto='no' zlib='yes'
compiler='mingw' prefix='/opt' include='/opt/include/libxml2'

Those paths won't work. Use paths in Windows notation when you work with
win32\configure.js. For example, '/opt' won't work, 'c:/opt' should work.

The Mingw support in win32 subdirectory has been made to work without
MSYS and there were problems in the past when someone used MSYS or
Cygwin. Try to use the Windows Command Prompt, not bash.

Here is a report of trying to run configure.js from a dos box for libxml2-2.6.12:
the 'iconv.h' is in 'e:\msys\opt\include'. Anyway the path stuff looks strange
(with the combinations of '\' and '/'). So I'll concentrate to get it working
from within msys.

Apart, can you please add
1.) a note to the win32/readme the configure.js should be run from a dos-box
2.) a working configure.js invokation for mingw e.g. with multiple include path
components (to show how to delimit them).


E:\msys\home\ensonic\projects\libxml2-2.6.12\win32>cscript configure.js
compiler=mingw prefix=e:\msys\opt include=e:\msys\opt\include
lib=e:\msys\opt\lib debug=yes
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host, Version 5.6
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1996-2001. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

libxml2 version: 2.6.12
Created Makefile.
Created config.h.

XML processor configuration
              Trio: no
     Thread safety: native
        FTP client: yes
       HTTP client: yes
    HTML processor: yes
      C14N support: yes
   Catalog support: yes
   DocBook support: yes
     XPath support: yes
  XPointer support: yes
  XInclude support: yes
     iconv support: yes
  iso8859x support: no
      zlib support: no
  Debugging module: yes
  Memory debugging: no
    Regexp support: yes
      Tree support: yes
    Reader support: yes
    Writer support: yes
    Walker support: yes
   Pattern support: yes
      Push support: yes
Validation support: yes
      SAX1 support: yes
    Legacy support: yes
    Output support: yes
XML Schema support: yes
   Python bindings: no

Win32 build configuration
          Compiler: mingw
     Debug symbols: yes
    Static xmllint: no
    Install prefix: e:\msys\opt
      Put tools in: $(PREFIX)/bin
    Put headers in: $(PREFIX)/include
Put static libs in: $(PREFIX)/lib
Put shared libs in: $(PREFIX)/lib
      Include path: e:\msys\opt\include
          Lib path: e:\msys\opt\lib

gcc.exe -DWIN32 -D_WINDOWS -D_MBCS -I.. -I../include -Ie:\msys\opt/include -D_RE
n.c ../catalog.c ../chvalid.c ../debugXML.c ../dict.c ../DOCBparser.c ../encodin
g.c ../entities.c ../error.c ../globals.c ../hash.c ../HTMLparser.c ../HTMLtree.
c ../legacy.c ../list.c ../nanoftp.c ../nanohttp.c ../parser.c ../parserInternal
s.c ../pattern.c ../relaxng.c ../SAX.c ../SAX2.c ../threads.c ../tree.c ../uri.c
 ../valid.c ../xinclude.c ../xlink.c ../xmlIO.c ../xmlmemory.c ../xmlreader.c ..
/xmlregexp.c ../xmlsave.c ../xmlschemas.c ../xmlschemastypes.c ../xmlunicode.c .
./xmlwriter.c ../xpath.c ../xpointer.c ../xmlstring.c > depends.mingw
In file included from ../include/libxml/parser.h:796,
                 from ../include/libxml/globals.h:18,
                 from ../include/libxml/threads.h:35,
                 from ../include/libxml/xmlmemory.h:214,
                 from ../include/libxml/tree.h:1090,
                 from ../c14n.c:22:
../include/libxml/encoding.h:28:19: iconv.h: No such file or directory

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