Re: [xml] Is this condition (xmlFreeNodeList) supposed to crash?

Jose Commins wrote:

    If I perform this:

    output_root_element = xmlDocGetRootElement(output_doc);


    I get a crash.

If I remove 'xmlFreeNodeList' it doesn't crash. Now, I don't normally use 'xmlFreeNodeList' but I've seen many examples on this list that do so, therefore I put in the line of code just to see what happened. In my XML doc I have nodes attached to 'output_doc' that I've created. Is the above code supposed to crash or is there something I am not aware of?


Read the documentation. Well, xmlFreeNodeList() does not say a lot, but when you look at xmlFreeNode, it says:

  "This doesn't unlink the child from the list,
   use xmlUnlinkNode() first."

So, your problem is that you try to free the nodes twice: once using xmlFreeNodeList(), second via xmlFreeDoc(). Do not call xmlFreeNodeList() unless you also unlink the nodes from the tree.

hope it helps

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