[xml] Re: Release of libxml2-2.6.16 build error

Mikhail S Grushinskiy <mgrushinskiy <at> comcast.net> writes:

libxml2-2.6.16 build errors out on MINGW with MSYS in
encoding.c: In function `ISO8859xToUTF8':encoding.c:2338: `xlattable' 
undeclared (first use in this function)

Open the file in an editor, go to line 2338, and replace "xlattable" with
"unicodetable". It compiles fine afterward. Apparently this line of code was
copied from another function in which "xlattable" was the name of the function
parameter, and the author didn't think to rename the variable when he copied it.

This leads me to believe this particular revision of libxml2 wasn't even
COMPILED before it was released, let alone tested. Not very reassuring.

J'raxis 270145

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