Re: [xml] how to read from network by xmlReadFile

  "William M. Brack" <wbrack mmm com hk> 様の
  時刻 11/25 09:06 04 に送信されたメールの返事です。

I have to beg ML members pardon earnestly.
My misstake is just apache configuration.
(missplace the target xml file)

the Gentoo ON the '--with-http' as default, and libxml2 can handle 
http on it starts out.   

William M. Brack>Although the support of HTTP is optional within libxml2, the st
William M. Brack>andard Gentoo
William M. Brack>installation certainly has it enabled (the error message which 
William M. Brack>you received is
William M. Brack>only generated if HTTP is enabled).  I think the most likely pr
William M. Brack>oblem is that
William M. Brack>your local webserver is not allowing you to access this file wi
William M. Brack>th the URL you

thank you.

MAIL : nakai kazuhiro sharp co jp

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