Re: [xml] patch: xmlTextReaderHasAttributes doesnt account for nsDef

Actually that change didn't cause any problems (at least none found to

The last issue (from the .16 release) was a minor change in setting handlers
based on xmlSAXHandler and xmlSAXHandlerV1 due to how we were setting sax2
mode. For reasons, ->sax2=1 is set manually and XML_SAX2_MAGIC had not been
used for the initialization flag, which worked fine up until .16 (was able
to easily work around this once noticed).

Other issues however sometimes end up being bugs introduced in new releases,
so at least with a heads up it gives us a chance to test our code and make
any changes or report/fix any new bugs found before the release goes out
(There have been a couple releases in the 2.6 tree that had to be marked as
unuseable due to new bugs).

Just been something on my mind so thought I'd throw it out there - better
late than never.


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From: Daniel Veillard

  Hum, I didn't had a policy about this sometimes I do but most times I
usually I say so on the #xml IRC channel when synchronizing with William
and Kasimier, but yes I perfectly understand your point.

Did the change to isolat1ToUTF8 generate much troubles ? I had a hard time
deciding what was the best way to handle this, but fixing the API to
enforce the xmlCharEncodingInputFunc() and xmlCharEncodingOutputFunc()
definition everywhere was really looking like the right thing to do over
the long term maintainance of the library.

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