[xml] date-time causing a crash to 'xsltproc'

Full bug report to XSLTSL here:

But xsltproc is abending w/ return code of 139 and no error report.

Content of bug report is:

By: Rodney - iwanttokeepanon   2004-11-15 23:45
date-time causing a crash to \'xsltproc\'

\'xsltproc\' is a processor from the gnome project. (fwiw). 
I get a crash on this: 
   xsltproc test.xsl test.xml 

result value is 139 (maybe this is a gnome bug report?). 
The \'test.xsl\' : 

<xsl:stylesheet version=\"1.0\" 

<xsl:import href=\"my-date-time.xsl\"/> 
<xsl:output method=\"html\" indent=\"yes\" /> 
<xsl:template match=\"/\"> 
<xsl:text>Hi Ya</xsl:text> 
The \'test.xml\' : 

<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" standalone=\"yes\"?> 
<?xml-stylesheet href=\"http://www.blogger.com/styles/atom.css\";; type=\"text/css\"?> 
<feed version=\"0.3\" xml:lang=\"en-US\" xmlns=\"http://purl.org/atom/ns#\";;> 
Note the *empty* xml file. It does not appear to matter what the source xml is, xsltproc _always_ 
Also note that I included \"my-date-time.xsl\", which is a paired down library file where I tried to 
isolate the problem. Using the following (I can always replicate a crash) : 
<?xml version=\"1.0\"?> 
<xsl:stylesheet version=\"1.0\" 

<xsl:call-template name=\"dt:get-day-of-the-week-name\"> 
<xsl:template name=\"dt:get-day-of-the-week-name\"> 
<xsl:text>Right Back At Ya.</xsl:text> 

Even if this is a XSLTSL library error, xsltproc should at least show the source of the error.

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