Re: [xml] register i/o callback functionality

From: Daniel Veillard

  Now if you come with a realistic example of why you would need per
context registration that might be added. One thing that won't work
is to dynamically register and unregister new I/O handlers. It's better
to register once global entry points and handle potential thread
down in the routines, as the registration/unregistration I/O API are not
thread safe.

In this case, all default handlers are overriden. file, http and ftp. This
was done so that the security mechanisms could be handled. (i.e. checking
wether remote file access is allowed, what directories are allowed to be
access, etc...).
I figured that was the case but wanted to make sure before going down the
rat hole, so trying to see if there is anything that can be done in our
matchcallback routines.



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