Re: "Re: [xml] xmlSchema : enumeration and libxml"

So, I am confused because my error doesn t come from by schema libxml 
management ; effectivly enumeration is well implemented in libxml. 
I doesn't know what I have changed but it is well working now : probably a 
syntax error in the schema or maybe in my XML file to validated. 
Thank at all! 
On 24/05/04 13:12, Jeremie Blanc-Tranchant inrialpes fr wrote: 
I have a problem to validated my xml document using enumeration tag 
in schema,  
like :   
<xsd:simpleType name="PossibleOneStepNSProblemValues">  
   <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">  
     <xsd:enumeration value="LCP"/>            
     <xsd:enumeration value="QP"/>                                    
     <xsd:enumeration value="Relay"/>                                                 
The error is the following :   
Schemas validity error : Failed to validate type with facet 
Moreover, I have got strange error : Unimplemented block at 
You haven't provided enough information to tell what is going on.  I 
have a schema that  
does what you seem to be doing, at it works.  The closest TODO line to 
xmlschemas.c:5353 in 
version 2.6.9 should not be triggered by the schema fragment you 
provided above. 
What version of libxml2 are you using? 
Do you have a complete minimal schema and xml doc that recreates the 
Without at least that information it's extremely difficult for anyone 
to help you. 
On someday, Igor Zlatkovic wrote: 
If you must use XML Schemas, then you must use a different parser 
fully supports it. I recomend Apache Xerces. 
What a load of crap.  I'm using xml schemas just fine.  There are 
parts that aren't 
implemented in libxml2 but that doesn't mean you MUST use a different 
Taking a attitude like this means that no-one will ever bother to use 
the xml schema 
support, so the missing parts will never get done b/c no one is 
interested.  That's 
hardly a productive approach. 
Staying with libxml, you must use a different validation mechanism. I 
recomend RelaxNG. RelaxNG is far simpler than XML Schema and doesn't  
lack any significant part of its functionality. RelaxNG is the very  
reason why none of the developers here really need XML Schemas. 
 sure, as long as your schemas don't need to interact with anyone 
who may or may not be able to use RelaxNG. 

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