"Re: [xml] Errors given by xmlSchemaValidateDoc"


on 5/25/2004 8:55 AM Jeremie Blanc-Tranchant inrialpes fr wrote:

When I use a schema in order to verify my XML documents, errors message when 
the doc is wrong are hight level and corresponding line numbers are not given 
(line 0 is always indicated) : 
"sample/SiconosModelXML.xml:0: element DS: Schemas validity error : Element DS 
content check failure" 
Is it possible to have best errors message ? like its given by 
xmlSchemaSetValidErrors, to verify the correct structure of a schema, who 
indicates errors with accuracy. 

Do you use xmllint, testSchemas or a self-written application to validate?

Missing line numbers: If it's possible, try to reproduce this using a 
test application with the use of "xmlSetStructuredErrorFunc()" to 
register error callbacks [1].

Content check failure: yes, actually the schema processor does not give 
much textual hints, if the content model is not satisfied (jesus, I'm 
using the w3c schema jargon 8-/ ). You may want to bugzilla a feature 

[1] "http://mail.gnome.org/archives/xml/2004-May/msg00141.html";



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