Re: [xml] xmlSchema : enumeration and libxml

On 25.05.2004 19:03, Eric Haszlakiewicz wrote:

If you must use XML Schemas, then you must use a different parser
which fully supports it. I recomend Apache Xerces.

 What a load of crap.  I'm using xml schemas just fine.  There are
parts that aren't
implemented in libxml2 but that doesn't mean you MUST use a different

Not even if you need exactly this unimplemented functionality? Besides, it was just one of the alternatives.

Taking a attitude like this means that no-one will ever bother to use
the xml schema
support, so the missing parts will never get done b/c no one is
interested.  That's
hardly a productive approach.

The support for XML Schema in libxml is not complete. The error message indicated that one of the unimplemented parts was hit. When you need the functionality which isn't implemented, then you can implement it, wait for someone else to implement it, or use some other parser which has it. Those are simple facts, it has nothing to do with attitude.

So, what in all of it was the bit which upset you? Was it because I recomended another parser to someone? Should I behave competitive to other free software projects in the terms of keeping the users at all costs? When someone needs functionality we don't (yet) have, is it a sin to point her to a project which has it now?


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