[xml] Re: Couldn't confirm bug 141146 - xmlwriter fails to signal write errors to the caller

On Sun, 2004-05-16 at 11:50 +0000, Lucas Brasilino wrote:
Hi Tommi:

I'm playing around about the bug you issued but was not
able to confirm it.
When calling xmlNewTextWriterFilename() it fails on an 
completely filled partition (due xmlFileOpenW() callback).

Can you provide me more accurate info regarding this issue?

I was experiencing a weird crash in Galeon while it was writing its
history xml file, and I quickly noticed the partition was completely

To check the issue I created a 64k file with dd, made an ext2 filesystem
on it, mounted it via loopback, created a dummy file to take all the
space and run the test program.  Results were as described.  One thing I
seem to have forgotten to mention is that the 'test.xml' file gets
created, but it's 0 bytes in length.

On the (not so) bright side I wasn't able to reproduce the crash.

I'm providing a little patch for you please to test, Tommi.
It's just a guess.

Thanks, I'll try that later.

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