[xml] Res: Re: Couldn't confirm bug 141146 - xmlwriter fails to signal write errors to the caller

Hi Tommy:

I was experiencing a weird crash in Galeon while it was writing its
history xml file, and I quickly noticed the partition was completely

To check the issue I created a 64k file with dd, made an ext2 filesystem
on it, mounted it via loopback, created a dummy file to take all the
space and run the test program.  Results were as described.  One thing I
seem to have forgotten to mention is that the 'test.xml' file gets
created, but it's 0 bytes in length.

I also did this way. The only difference is that my
dummy file had 100Kb (dd options: bs=1k count=100).
And, as I said last email, it works for me. 


EMPREL, http://www.recife.pe.gov.br

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