Re: [xml] libxml2-2.6.4 segfault on some SAX regression tests (solaris8, gcc3.4.0)

On Tue, May 11, 2004 at 12:50:01PM -0400, Roels, Steven wrote:
I'm experiencing segmentation fault problems specifically with some of
the testSAX regression tests for libxml2 2.6.4 on solaris 8 (some
details below). Otherwise it seems OK. No obvious errors from make.
Googling didn't help, and I can't seem to access the list archives, so I
figured I'd post.

  Obviously "make tests" passes on Linux, and usually "make valgrind"
catches problems which may not surface on Linux.

Could anyone suggest either something to try, or things I could do to
generate/supply more helpful details (make log etc)?

  Run the test under gdb, check where it failed, check the stacktrace,
maybe try with another debugger, this might also be solved with a more
recent release like 2.6.9 because a memcmp was giving troubles on Solaris
and got replaced by strncmp (check the archives).

  Step #1 anyway is to try 2.6.9 to see if the problem is fixed.
  Step #2 is to check the memcmp->strncmp patch
  Step #3 is to run the program under a debugger and check where it fails.


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