[xml] run W3C XML Schema tests on win32


Please find attached a patch for "/win32/Makefile.msvc"; it adds a call 
to "testSchemas.bat", which runs the regression tests for W3C XML 
Schemas on win32. The "testSchemas.bat" file should go into the "/win32" 
Note that it was tested under the "checked build environment" for w2k 
only; furthermore it won't run with win versions prior to w2k (nt sp5?), 
since it uses functionality not available on older platforms (this 
applies to the patches of Mark Vakoc as well).
At last it depends on "sed.exe", which does not come with win; it can be 
downloaded from: "http://www.student.northpark.edu/pemente/sed/"; - the 
implementation I used was: 
"http://sed.sourceforge.net/grabbag/ssed/sed-3.59.zip";. A check for the 
existence of "sed.exe" is done in "testSchemas.bat".

Report of memory leaks, "Unimplemented" and output comparison was 
tested. The current CVS tests run fine with it - but slow.

Feel free to apply, change or ignore.



PS: Life without ms batch processing was more adorable.

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