RE: [xml] Installation of python binding for libxslt (newbie)

Hi Markus,

From: Markus Reinsch 
I try to install the python binding für libxslt.
The installation libxml worked fine -> there is a in 
the tarball.

But what about libxslt?

To use the python bindings you first need libxml2 and libxslt 

But I don't understand the instructions. What does 
'corresponding' mean?

It means "with a similar version" more or less. More accurately, 
it mean "which works with..."

'... Otherwise use the libxml2-python module distribution 
corresponding to
your installed version of libxml2 and libxslt ...'

message: "failed to find headers for libxml2: update includes_dir"
There is a includes_dir variable in the script. Do I 
have to extend

First make sure that you have the libxm and libxslt packages and 
headers installed, then try re-running your - if you are 
installing from source, you definitely need the headers installed. 
These are typically in a package called libxml2-dev or -devel. If 
you have installed libxml2 and libxslt from source, then the 
headers are in $prefix/include/libxml2 and $prefix/include/libxslt. 
The relevant directories which should be added to your build path 
can be found easily if you have pkg-config installed by running 
pkg-config --cflags libxslt


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